QIAOLING WANG: Co-Producer – qilishow.com

ESTEBAN GITTON: DoP – estebangitton.com/

CHRIS LEE: Focus, Lighting, Crew Ninja AND Actor – thisischrislee.com

MARINA FUSELLA and HUGH GRIFFITHS: Sound Recordists, Sound Engineers, Musicians and THE nicest people to work with! marinaedit.com and hughthesound.com

C.S. SHALBROECK: Ist Asst Director (also a Cinematographer and Illustrator – I’m a fan B.B.) cathrin41.com & krollekopproduction.com/

ADEEL KURESHII: 1st Asst Director (an extremely talented film-maker in his own right B.B.) theolcyruss

LUKE MORGAN: Production Manager, Actor and Team Rock, and:

PAPA OPOKU: Director’s Asst, Actor, Writer & Comedian.

ROBERTO MINELLI: Editor and Editing Supervisor, and busy Director and Filmmaker – see his fab work at vimeo.com/robertominelli

LEWIS WARDELL: Editor and Filmmaker, recently graduated and extremely creative, versatile and dedicated, I am extremely grateful to Lewis for his enthusiasm and passion without which there’d be no film. BB LEWIS WARDELL (youtube channel)