From a teeny Punjabi village aged 3, grew up on ’70s TV and Marvel comics in Slough. Dreamt of escaping by joining the circus. At 18 he managed the next best thing, joining a touring theatre company in London. For two decades Balbeer worked full-time as a performer, writer-in-residence and Storyteller.

Finally, creating two children’s theatre companies – THE STORYTELLING MACHINE & THE THEATRE OF ORIGAMI – he performed every year for thousands of children aged 3-17, joyously honing his craft of Storytelling.

With stories set in the UK, Scotland, France, Poland, India and China, even far away planets and dimensions, from micro-budget, social-justice dramas to large scale animations, the most ambitious of which is in preproduction with

Accepting finally he’ll never be a trapeze artiste, he is still happiest when clowning, and dreams of joining the ranks of the greatest tellers of fantastical tales.

UNINTENTIONHELL is his first feature as a Writer/Director. Contrary to his own expectations, it is not a comedy but a tragedy.

‘UNINTENTIONHELL’S budget was so meagre, according to the British Film Institute’s definitions, it doesn’t even breach the microbudget category. Thanks however to some of the finest performances I’ve seen in near 4 decades of working with actors, so talented on some days they left me weeping, and a tiny professional crew of the finest, committed film-makers one could wish for, I think we have a ‘no-budget’ first-feature everyone can be proud of.’