From a teeny Punjabi village aged 3, dreamt of escaping Slough by joining the circus. At 18 he managed the next best thing, joining a touring theatre company in London. For two decades Balbeer worked full-time as a performer, writer-in-residence and Storyteller.

Finally, creating two children’s theatre companies – THE STORYTELLING MACHINE & THE THEATRE OF ORIGAMI – he performed every year for thousands of children aged 3-17, joyously honing his craft of Storytelling.

He has stories set in the UK, France, Poland, India and China, even far away planets and dimensions, from micro-budget, social-justice dramas to large scale animations, the most ambitious of which is in preproduction with

Accepting finally he’ll never be a trapeze artiste, he is still happiest when clowning, and dreams of joining the ranks of the greatest tellers of fantastical tales.

UNINTENTIONHELL is his first feature as a Writer/Director. Contrary to his own expectations, it is not a comedy but a tragedy.

‘UNINTENTIONHELL’S budget was so meagre, according to the British Film Institute’s definitions, it doesn’t even breach the microbudget category. Thanks however to some of the finest performances I’ve seen in near 4 decades of working with actors, and a tiny professional crew of the finest, committed film-makers one could wish for, I think we have a ‘no-budget’ first-feature everyone can be proud of.’